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Portable inverter

Portable Inverter 1500W | Lithium Ion Battery 2000 Cycles



System: Pure sine wave output Controller Function: Short circuit, over current, over voltage, under voltage, over charge, overload, over temperature protection.

  1. Output port: 1. TYPE-C * 1+USB * 2,5V3A;
  2. DC * 4 outputs, including 2X12V, 2X5V outputs, 1X 220V output standard international socket +1 double plug
  3. Input: DC * 1 two, two touch switches;

1 headlamp+1 high beam lamp (shine at a distance of 200M.)

Charging time: 3-6 hours ,

Product size: 245*120*185MM

Package size: 35X29X48 CM

Product weight:  30  KG

Car refrigerator (40-60W):65-70hrs
Small electric rice cooker (200W):13-14times
Laptop (20W):45-50hrs
Mobile phone (3.7V2500-4000mAh):75-95times
LED TV (70W):15-16hrs / Refrigerator (110W):10- 12hrs


1000 WHA lifepod 4 battery


1500WH Power rating


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